Do it yourself, with friends

Rach sanding

Rach sanding

My husband and I have started what appears to be a life-long project: renovating our house.  To get us up and running, we invited a bunch of friends over for two weekends in January to have fun with power tools.  Our object: to paint the doors and kitchen, fix the back deck and clear the side of the house of its erstwhile chicken coop (sadly, no photos of this activity, but it’s a beautiful corner of cleared ground now, thanks to Dorani).  

This blog post is a tribute to their loyal, stout hearts and even stouter painting, sanding and hammering muscles.  Thanks you guys.

And a piece of advice to all would-be renovators: don’t take my advice.  I don’t know what the hell I am talking about.

To see some more amusing photos of our DIY attempts and people wearing white dust masks as hats, visit our flickr site.